Pressure Of The Fade

Zero fade please sir!…

In todays age of barbering being the new black, skin fades are the style of the minute and the tools we barbers and hairdressers have to use are at the peak of being perfect! Yet I always see horrible lines and uneven fades walking around the shops or sitting at the bar. It hurts my heart to see these outrageous excuses for fades. And I am seeing them more and more.

This has made me think either two things… Barber and hairdressing training and quality standards have just fallen off the face of the earth… Possible… But I know personally my training standards are higher than ever so it must be the second option of the PRESSURE OF THE FADE or as I call it “P.O.T.F”. The moment you sit your long haired client down set them up and the consult leads to a fade. Zero or not.. The stress kicks in, the nerves of all this beautiful hair being taken so short there will be no room for errors. But do not stress I am going to give away some of the tips I use for my fades.  ( I should say I don’t think I am the best around these just work for me and I am happy to share )

  • Breath/Relax  ( If you can fade, If not be honest don’t wreck this guys life )
  • Convers ( About the haircut and general chit chat )
  • Don’t over Think ( You can fade a 3-4 easy and .5-1 easy 0-.5 etc etc )
  • Don’t be a hero ( Use all the tools, Open and shut the blade & Use the cutthroat with the superclose etc )
  • Start Low..ish ( Give your self room to move the fade a touch up if needed )
  • Keep it clean ( remove any stuck hair showing lines )
  • Step back ( Gives your eyes a break and a chance to look from different angles )

All these simple little tips can be used for any haircut. The most important tip I can give is to enjoy it. You are creating a master piece for everyone to enjoy so make it amazing and enjoy the skills in your hands..

keep our Gentleman fresh and Disconnected correctly.


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