Kids Got Me Kickin & Screamin

Okay! Okay! Okay!
School holidays are kicking in hard! Me personally I love them.
School haircuts are out and holiday haircuts are in!

People ask me all the time if I hate cutting kids hair? No, no I don’t. To be honest I enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong I have been punched, kicked and scratched like every other barber/ hair dresser I know. But the moment you can get a five year old boy who has clearly been pinched with the clippers in one of his first haircuts ( in a different store ) to working him through a good haircut to being able to finish the haircut with no tears and even the biggest smile and high five after he gets styled up with his product is a game changer! To have a little gentleman who clearly is terrified, these are not crocodile tears this kid was legitimate. To now wanting to come in for a haircut every time he walks past is an amazing feeling. Not to mention how happy his mother is now to come back. It’s a great feeling and not to mention an easy returning customer for the business.

So I’m going to share my secrets with you. These don’t always work but it helps me enjoy the company of the mum and or dad and the funny but so innocent conversation with the little man. And get an amazing stress free result.


1. Relax yourself. ( they smell fear )
2. Talk to them. ( explain the clippers/ scissors. Show it work on your skin )
3. Let them feel the vibration of the clippers in there hands. ( put it on dads arm )
4. Explain to them what you’re going to do. ( Eg I’m going to make a buzzing bee around your ears )
5. Get cool stuff! ( toys, wiggles capes and lollie pops )
6. Keep them distracted.
Last but probably most important.
7. They are scared for a reason. Ask them what they like and don’t like? What can you use and what you cant use. Remember they are scared and take it easy on them. You’re better off making them comfortable and chatting with them, then holding them down and scaring them for the next poor sucker.

Remember. Kids have families and about a million haircuts left in life. These families also has friends and I can guarantee that mum who no longer has a screaming child while getting a haircut will tell the world… .


8. Lollipop
9. Lollipop
10. Lollipop


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